nyquil mornings

So im getting more and more sick. Not the normal kind of sickness i write about here, this is more of a chest cough. I went to bed early after Caryn stood me up for karaoke….i really hope…what was her pseudoname…melissa didn’t go to neils to try to see me.

So i woke up this morning, called rachel and told her we’re postponing our meeting today, texted peter to say we’re postponing the meeting today, did 300 situps and drank half a bottle of nyquil.

This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

At least my coughing has stopped.

I think i’ve taken on almost every mental illness now. These are all misspelled but I have serious signs of manic depression, attention deficet disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, multiple personality disorder, agoraphobia, alcoholism, and lately the meglomania of being self employed has really started to take hold.

I feel the mask of sanity is slipping. I’ve worn nothing but hawaiian shirts for almost 5 days now. I listen to the first Mars Volta album at least once a day.

You know I scroll up and read what i write and it makes sense that i might be having a little trouble finding girls/women compatiable with me. This might take a little longer then expected. Probably longer then my poor destroyed body probably has.

I really need to start writing more cheery updates. I just realized im going to the ballet tonight with my mom to watch my sister dance. This day just keeps getting better and better.  I wonder if either of them reads these updates.

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