hope she doesn’t read this

So this girl ive talking to and drinking with came over around 11am while peter and rachel were over helping me work. This is a great 2nd date….i’m sitting here at my computers drinking, blaring music, hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, sword chilling on my lap. Like most people attempt to show people a different side of them, a better side of them, when meeting someone new. This is pure undiluted toad.
She hangs out and drinks with us and then all 3 of us make a drunken adventure to Kroger to buy mixers and food.  I love going to the grocery store trashed out of my mind. All the colors, smells….knocking over displays with the shopping cart…good times…

This is the best 2nd date ever. Lets just hope she talks to me again. I tend to get a little umm….crass when ive been drinking all day.  Oh well.  I think i’m getting a lot better at just being totally apathetic when it comes to anything that doesn’t involve building websites. The house has taken on a FightClub type of style…peter cooking chilli, mixing drinks for me…rachel cleaning up the kitchen …..

Two pair of hawaiian shirts? check

Two pairs of camo pants? check

$200 of personal drinking money check

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