so if anyone finds me dead

i fucked up last week. if this sounds vague it’s because it’s supposed to be. Adding harsh details like actual numbers would probably make me open the wrists. Life sucks. I blame Bush for this. Or Jesus. I blame Jesus more then i blame Bush, what is up with that?

FUCK! anyway. god this website deviates from the point more then a mars volta guitar rift.

My bank/accounting setup is a little weird now. Just setup a new bank account, got someone doing my accounting part time, processing credit cards, etc. Problem is it’s basically locked up my money in the bank until i get the card for it. My new bank also isn’t within walking distance. Anyway,i bought something and it ended up costing me more then what i really had. Like i could have bought this on a different credit card…could have called my nice parents and said “hey imma buy something on this card, i’ll pay you back in a week when this bank thing gets fixed.”. Instead i accidently overdraft myself, sending me into overdraft hell where you have to scramble to dump money into the account before i lost even more money.

I like banks. Fucking templars and their evil banking system. I’m going to start trading websites for hawaiian shirts, alcohol, drugs and pussy. Cut out the goddamn middle man. Did i just type that? Oh well.

So i went to the bank today to freeze one of my accounts so i wouldn’t get sodomized by anymore overdraft fees while i switch over to my new bank. There is this old old lady talking to the only “guy at the desks”, cuz you know, the tellers can’t do shit. What i want to do is replace tellers with machines and add more “desk people”. Peter and i sit and about 30 minutes of our life is just stripped away from us waiting for this old lady to finish talking to “one of the desk people”. Only one desk person.  I do not like waiting. I really really don’t. It’s just like i could feel the precious few seconds of my life just draining. This lady is asking the only desk guy about non banking things. He’s talking about he’s quitting his job soon. I stare at my watch, look at the clock, look at him. Like what Marla does when she has to go outside and im too busy talking on aim. I almost walk over and say something.

Finally. Relief washes over me in a awesome wave
I freeze my account which takes about 10 seconds. I’m sure none of those tellers could have possibly been able to move a mouse around.  Maybe they need like a 3rd group of employees, like not just tellers and not just desk people. I dunno, guess it’s not “cost effective” for 3 levels of ants.

Where was i going with this? Oh yeah, my suicide. Yes. So. No, wait. Hi.

Lets see. It’s time to pull this update from it’s downward spiral and level it out right above rock bottom. Things probably went pretty well today. Sure, bad things happen but i guess that’s just life.

Remember kids, don’t be afraid to steal what you can’t afford.

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