walmart purgatory

So this saturday i woke up at 6am and rode the free bus to baton rouge to go to the police auction. On the bus ride up there Dickie gave me some good advice on how to purchase cars at a police auction. You give your driver’s license to the old scary woman, she gives you a key to go start a car. You start it up, pop the hood, put it in drive, drive it a little forward, put it in reverse, drive it back into it’s spot. I tried 3-4 different cars, one of which would go forward and wouldn’t go in reverse.

It came down to a Chevy Malibu and a Dodge Intrepid. The Malibu got way too rich for my blood way too fast and i backed down. When it came to the Intrepid I didn’t back down and got it for right at $1,700. Not bad.

Dickie and I pull out of the auction lot and decide to head to a Wal*Mart to get a battery and a oil change since it needed both very badly.

This is where my judgement spirals downhill.

It takes the idiot at Wal*Mart almost 3 hours to put a battery in which i think i could have even put in 30 minutes. I dunno if you’ve ever spent 3 hours in a Wal*Mart just killing time but i don’t reccomend it. After about a hour we both started losing it. We got yelled at for skateboarding in the toys section. Dickie fondeled a stuffed cat in the hunting section. I bought french fries from the Mc Donald’s inside. Dickie bought a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt which he changed into in the middle of the jewery section. I pretended like i didn’t know him.
It seriously felt like we lost 3 years of our lives wandering around this place. I ended up buying a pair of socks and one of those portable battery chargers(for the future).

Consumerism surrounds us. It’s been like over 2 hours now for a simple battery change. I could have done it faster. Apparently the fact that you have to take off a wheel to put in a battery is really fucking with the guy. Dickie and i finally go out, walk into the garage(where customers are not allowed to go) help the guy put the battery in, play and leave, and drive back to nola. Losing only 3 hours of our saturday. *stab*

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