fetch me the beer, the gin and tonic, tell them their pillar of flash has ascended

Life moves forward as it always does. I’m doing shit in Flash that i didn’t think was possible and my side business is crazy as fuck.

Ashley is getting used to living with me. She’s seen me run into a wall while on sleeping pills and whiskey.  Seen me walk around shirtless fighting invisible warriors with my sword. Heard the hours of Portishead, Tori, and Pink Floyd.

As usual there are huge confusing things in my life that i won’t mention on the site. A few close friends have helped me and i thank them. Thats been the one thing that has been different since i’ve moved.  Oh well.

Wes had some really good advice when i was going through some tough and confusing time. He told me that i should do whatever i want because whatever i decide is the right thing. That’s gotten me through some hard decisions and i makes my 20/20 hindsight less harsh.


On a happy note i now have aim at work. mmm hmm hmm. Also going to be able to unfilitered internet as well. Today was the first day and i only had it for a few minutes but time seemed to pass much more quickly.

My flash at work is aiming at “over the top” lately. I just keep tacking on other people’s actionscript and flash tutorials building this huge crazy pieced together by google searches.  One of the guys next to me heard me rant about how great open source and tutorials are. He called me a script kiddie.

I am a script kiddie.

Damn fine one.

I can build you some really tight shit but i gotta find some free tutorial or a template.

On the side business note, i’ve hired a bookkeeper. I think she already knows about crackhore since she’s seen the domain used in e-mails so i’ll assume she’s reading. She’s the 3rd employee i’ve had in my short time as failure boss but i still want to buy her a hawaiian shirt and a sword. What are we but tradition.

My new year’s resolution was to hire some kind of personall assistant to keep my poor dying business alive. Craigslist has provided over 24 resumes so far. Some of it has been pretty funny. It’s great that people sometimes wonder if their imtoomuchdrama@hotmail.com is the best account to send resumes from. As i drink and go thru these people’s lives on paper, i start getting a little petty. I’m already negative about one girl because she has the name of someone who broke my heart. Got another girl named Autumn. I dunno about that either.

Oh well. Hiring employees is like falling in love. They feel sorry for me and want to help me. Just like love….

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