fucking pwned.

if i ever get convicted for my sins i don’t know…i don’t want to be hung…..saddam kinda looks like my grandfather…….it’s been weird feeling cuz i have this weird power called empathy.

yeah he might have killed a bunch of kurds in a revolution.

bush might have killed a bunch of americans in 9/11.

i like to think im anti abortion and anti death penalty but fuck.

oh well, guess we all gotta die. it’s saddam’s fault for not fighting back during his capture.

just like america is the indian’s fault because they didn’t fight back with guns.

i just need a website to tell me where to stand on stuff like this.

i’m just glad that we’ve avenged 9/11….oh wait hm ugh i don’t care anymore…got enough problems….have fun with your world people…it’s all office politics when you get down to it

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