the mars volta experiment

So i browse that stupid site WAY too much more then any healthy individual. I usually just browse the New Orleans members but i occasionally i’ll use it to prove points. I was thinking the other day how great it would be to meet a girl who really liked mars volta. Mars volta and, i just described most of january.

Anyway, i do a few searches and i’m pretty sure this was a great idea.

Like any good experiment, i gotta show my work.











It just goes on and on. Wes and i discussed the results of my project and he commented recently he knew things were going to go south with a lady friend of his when she mentioned she likes to listen to dave matthews band while working out and that angry music isn’t necessary.

Makes me wonder if i should ditch and start using

Doesn’t really matter where i get my rejection. I had a argument today with my bookkeeper on the legality of saying is a business expense. I’m “researching”, not looking at women.

Seriously. This is a research erection, not a sex one.

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