you’ll be too busy to sue her for damages

im  not making any promises but you still got that webdesign…..

ive decided sleep is just another drug. i’ve been sleeping on my couch a lot but i really can’t get that good rem. the plus side is im waking up at like 7:30am and getting a great start on my evilness.

i’m interviewing another webdesigner at 10:30am and working with a church on their website at 1:30pm. i am the web christ, set upon the earth to create to design and develop.

and when i say design and develop, i mean outsource.

i have a cellphone full of leet ass fucking people. so you and your website problem better stay the fuck out my way.

i didn’t go to the brothel last night. this would have been a much better update if i had…but 7pm yesterday i was “i killed a hooker” drunk. i walked home. sucked.

work life is starting to consume me. a lot of people tell me it’s just “greed”. i’m working 11-12 hour days, dreaming about designs, everything. i’ve hired a new guy matt who seems leet enough. i told him that my company is trial by fire, if you can find stuff to do i will pay you a fraction of what the client is paying.

the idea is to surround myself with people. lots of them. these people need things and my people will help them. but we are all evil. every last one of us. i drank enough whiskey yesterday to kill a family of 2.5.

i can’t wait to cut to the new tori amos. this album rules *wink*

i don’t like the websites but the websites like me.

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