i have a very static pattern with my french quarter drinking. i go down with a group of people and usually end up leaving them to go hunt. i find a target female and sit and talk with her for a while but usually end up haivng most of my conversation with the very neutral people around me. last night while staring at a somewhat attractive little barmaid but end up talking with the couple from houston with their 4-5 year old daughter who’s asleep at the bar. they even have pictures of her a beer in front of her with her head down.

i really should have called or texted wes. i just rolled out. it’s so typical. he even said, “you have a habit of just leaving.” and i do. and i did. i really need to start being better to everyone.

oh well, it’s 9am on a saturday. i need to start up some music, shower, shave, and own.

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