so i get to the gym early and my new running partner doesn’t show up. i start anyway figuring she might be running late. I got to 5 miles and decided to see how far i can go, feeling pretty good. The system of a down album ends and on comes ohgr….the 9th and 10th mile were more stumbling then running but i decided to stop. 100 laps on that stupid 10th mile track.
it’s like running laps in a cubicle.
i’m walking 1 last lap when a girl who’s been running/walking says “wow ive been in here a hour and haven’t seen you stop”. I mutter something about how i earned my wine tonight.

i collapse on the ground and start stretching out the battery acid blood out of my legs. the really cute blonde comes up and we start talking. this girl is cute in a totally different way from the girl that stood me up. we talk for a minute, i give her the 10 minute “how i got to new orleans” speech, she tells me about her major, typical small talk.

we walk down the steps into the lobby and i tell her i’ll see her around. i really wish i had asked her out but i feel so sleazy asking a girl out the first time i meet her. if i see her tomorrow it’s different but i really don’t know how to come across pathetic. i’m terrible at reading women 🙁 so much easier on aim.
oh well. tune in tomorrow.

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