i can’t wait

tomorrow i’m going to see the new orleans saints against the atlanta falcons in the dome.

i’ve don’t think ive ever seen a professional game before and if i could pick any game this would be it.

we might lose. we might win. it’s like a date with a hot girl, no way to know how it’s going to turn out.

but just like going on a date with a hot girl, i appreciate the fact i’m going to be there.

my absolutely new bestfriend garry offered me the ticket. i ask him how much, he says don’t worry about it. he says tammi(i know im spelling it wrong) his lovely beautiful wife is going to drive us down there, drop us off and then pick us up after the game. and cook steaks for us. this is like christmas, valentines day and losing your virginity all rolled up into one afternoon.

i love that i’m writing a update about how i’m excited about a football team. so out of character following a sports team. i’m going to wake up at about 10am, eat a nice healthy breakfast of bacon eggs and grits and then i’m going to start jagering up.

i was talking today about how much fun it would be to dose and see a game. probably a bad idea considering we’re probably going to lose.

next weekend is rage against the machine at voodoofest. then tool with peter and kristy in november. i can’t believe how much greatness i’m going to cram into the last part of 2007. sure, pretty much everyone woman in my life hates me with a burning of a thousand suns but there is more to life then meaningful relationships with people of the opposite sex.

my silk sheets got put on last night, i took a unisom about 45 minutes ago, kegerator is in full effect.

gotta love the small things cuz the big things hate you.

by the way, the album radiodread by the easy star all stars is amazing. their dark side of the moon cover album was beautiful but this is a work of art. ok computer in reggae style…so amazing….

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