just all i have to say.

it’s been a strange year. there have been lots of women, lots of websites and way too much beer.

but until october 21th, it’s all been nothing.

garry’s birthday present involved both of us going to a saints game. he bought my ticket and his super hot wife Tae Mee took us down there. i woke up, cooked a breakfast of bacon and waffles, took 2 shots of jager and a few beers, rolled down there.

walking inside the dome, i felt like a bride on her wedding date. no, like a groom on his wedding day.

so fucking terrible as the saints are, we still won. fucking falcons.

the crackle of pigskin

the yuppies networking

i really should go back to sleep…waking up at 10:30pm isn’t happy.
bacon and waffles!

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