started writing again

between katy and kelly, ive been motivated to write again. it dusted off the old doc file and started writing again. i called brad to ask to help me with notes from when i lived with him and steve. he provided. thanks brad.
i’m seriously looking at the last month and think “wow i have wasted a lot of time”. I’m going to start dumping a lot of time into getting this into a rough draft. Every single thing i do besides work on this is a waste since anything else i won’t outlive me like this possibly could.
oh well, i’m so fucking depressed that it’s time to pick the book back up. i have to get this to at least a final draft.

i don’t want to wait till i’m my death bed and the people i’m writing about are dead or won’t talk to me 🙂

anyway….this is it….im ready to plunge myself into poverty again, but i got to get this done in the next year.  this is turning into my oldest project that i might not finish.

the last time i felt this way i got a lot done, now it’s time to finish it.

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