i need ideas for a hat

i seriously try not to write about work because i need that money but this was just too good.

we have these meetings where “everyone” shows up. Basically everyone on 2 floors in the conference room for cake, HR talk, etc, etc. so they go through the normal bullshit that doesn’t really have anything to do with me and then they announce the halloween policy this year.

now last year i wore camo pants and a hawaiian shirt and went as  ‘freelance webdesigner’. i thought it was witty. no one else really dressed up.

but this year, we have some vips and we can’t do costumes. but we ARE allowed to wear “hats”. no costumes, but hats are cool. i start laughing because i instantly think “i could do a lot with a hat” and i guess my face shows it. she continues…
so one of my bosses stands up and kinda interrupts, everyone in the room turns. “Michael’s hat will be approved by me amd JR before halloween” and sits back down.
i put on my best “im offended by this remark, good sir” and laugh.

so later today someone actually brings up me getting called out in front of..everyone.

i mean i could go the easy route and just wear my jagermeister hat i found on bourbon street or i could get fired with the “lets duct tape a bunch of dildos to a cowboy hat” idea. trying to find a happy medium..

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