not men’s shorts

we went out drinking before the race this last sunday. i was trying to be responsible and just have a few beers but i distinctly remember 3 shots of jager. we wake up late, kelly drops me off near the start of the race. i have time for some light stretching and bam we’re off. i started too far back so the first quarter mile i almost break a few necks.

the day before i put 3 mars volta songs on the ipod. carefully arranged.

those few people in the beginning had no idea how close they were to a elbow to the back.

it’s stupid fucking hot for december 2nd, in the 80’s already at 8am. there are no timers on any of the mile markers and i didn’t bring a watch so i couldn’t even guess.

it was roughly about mile 2 there is a guy standing on the side of the path where everyone is running. wearing a jagermeister tshirt.

he almost got a whole bunch of jagermeister all over him.

i came in at 22 minutes, immediately went to the nearest patch of grass and laid down. a few cups of water and we head to the beer truck. abita truck. mmmmm

i see a few people from work but i still haven’t seen any of my bosses yet. finally i catch up with all 3 of them, all 3 of them wearing the white cotton corporate shirts we got specifically for the race. i’m wearing a black singlet. i get in between both of them while double fisting my abita ambers and the main boss takes the pic. i can’t wait to see it.

anyway, kelly drives me back to her place and cooks me some wonderful bacon and eggs. after i shower i remember i failed to pack something after the race. she tells me her shorts are in the bottom drawer. i pull out a pair of really short khaki shorts. i don’t even dig for anymore, this is the pair.

i find a really tight red t-shirt and i’m ready to go.

we stop at popeyes since i want to continue on the post race bad food bender. i tell her she has to go inside. i’m scared to go into popeyes dressed like this.

we make a stop at walgreens because i need to get marla at least a little food. i decide to go in.

i strut around in my little shorts and pick up a bag of dog food.

all kinds of stares.
i finally had to take them off when i got to the apartment. i’m going to see how long i can keep them over here, putting them on when i know kelly is coming over and acting surprised like she caught me 🙂

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