saints at the daiquiri shop

so watching the saints this season has been a real gamble. it sucks seeing them lose after the great season last year so you wonder why you’re taking time out of your day to get drunk and watch them.

they were playing the falcons tho so i had to go watch.

rode my bike up to the local daiquiri shop. now i know what i’m getting myself into. i’m used to being the only white guy in a room after living in memphis. the last time i watched a game up there i was at a table of butch black lesbians which i didn’t even know existed.

i get in and order my daiquiri with 3 shots of everclear to get the night started. i was kinda late so there are no empty tables and no stools at the bar. i stand there with my huge mug and start scanning. i find a guy sitting by himself, only 1 beer. huge guy, big gold chain. i ask him if i can sit there, he hesitates and says he has some friends coming, not sure how many. i tell him i’ll move when they get here.

i sit down and start watching. we don’t talk much but then his friends get here. 2 other guys he works with, one guy with a huge gold grill.

the other guy who sits down however, had his own gimmick. i try to break the ice and i ask them if we’re going win tonight. the guy says “oh you a saints fan?” and his friend goes “yeah he hates the saints”.

so after every play, every ref call, he’s cheering for the falcons in this bar full of drunk motherfuckers. i turn to the 1st guy and ask him if he has my back if people start throwing chairs at him. he explains to me that he just hates the saints now because they have just been playing so bad. i really can relate to this feeling. i have that feeling a lot too. even tho this is my 2nd season of watching the saints play, i decided i won’t be a fair weather fan. i’ve just uhh been busy the last few games where they have been stomped into the field.
they all start betting on the game with pitchers of beer and i decide to buy a round just to confirm in my head that they are going to let me sit at their “lunch table”. i bring the pitcher over and set it down and the falcons fan starts to reach. i turn to him and  say “oh no, this is only for my 2 fellow saints fans here”. laughter ensues.
things start getting really bad because ive already polished off the everclear daiquiri and ive been drinking off the pitcher i bought. they order a round of wings and hand me the basket to take one. now we are sharing a meal. after we get in a fight together we are all best friends.

now this is really bad but i don’t remember the bike ride home. i called kelly outside the daiquiri shop to tell her i loved her. i hope thats all i said. she didn’t seem mad when i saw her today so it was a positive drunk phone call. so rare.

i rode home with wings, probably very fast. the best part is i think i got them from laffiette’s cafe next door who have wing specials on saints games which means there was a possible experience that just didn’t stay in the buffer. i hate when that happens.

oh well, saints won, i ate hot wings and made some new friends. very positive update.

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