remember kids, dope ass monitors and peanut jars full of beer.

since ive got a kegerator i’ve been a real fan of riding in the backs of cabs and after filling up a huge to go cup. it’s great sipping your beer on the interstate and talking with the wonderful men and woman of the new orleans cab companies. call the white fleet, they be the shit.


in my head i don’t feel like i get my money’s worth unless i can have a beer the entire cab ride.

i ran out of to go cups recently and even out of plastic cups that i don’t feel disposing of when i get to my location.

i look around and see a empty peanut jar. a quick wash(no soap) and i fill it with beer and wait for my cab. now those things are surprisingly big so i’m still finishing it when we get to the bar that kelly is having her show at.

i get out, pay the man and stand outside chugging the rest of my beer because i’m not going to walk into any bar like that.
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