when kelly dropped me off at a intersection close to the game i had with me a very large to go cup of whiskey. after spilling a little of it on myself and walking through the freezing cold, drinking most of it i find garry. i immediately hand it to him and he takes a huge sip and we pass the cup back and forth until it’s empty. i toss it into the trashcan next to the people who pat you down. i get through my flask of makers mark.

I’m going to start getting ballsy at those games and try to sneak a 5th in.

Anyway, they actually win. whole 4th quarter i just kept willing every cell to peyton urging him not to fuck up.

I know i did my part.

After we meet up at Finns for yet more alcohol, we stop by Carla to see everyone.

After the entire day of drinking, this is where it starts to get a little blurry. Now if aliens came to earth and asked me to provide a good sample of norther Louisiana, i would pick Shane to be the representative of that area. He shows us pictures of the fish he caught. Shane pours me a nice tall glass of whiskey. I has it.

Kelly and i get back to my apartment and decide it’s time to drink more. Jager shots and blaring Coma White at 1am.

It was really hard to describe the pain and suffering that was my ride to work this morning. The bonus, i had left my bike at work thursday because i went out drinking with a bunch of work people.  I had to ride the backup bike which was a epic fail compared to the normal bike i’m used to. Just fail left and right.

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