i’m going to stab ups in the face

i seriously have had difficulties with just about everything lately. buy.com, cab companies, the dmv, everything.

i understand suicide bombers but i think they are blowing themselves up for the wrong ideas.

i sent something out by ups today, left it on my porch. such a bad idea but i’m painted into a corner. i gotta roll the dice and hope that all the bullshit of late has earned me a win.

i come home today and the package is gone. sweet, either someone stole it or ups picked it up. about 50/50…i sit down at the computer and see a message from the receiver of the package. she wants to know where it is. cool, me too, lets find out.

i call the ups number. the 1st person answering takes my info and says even tho i have the address, phone number, social security number, credit card number of the sender(me), i can’t track the number because i didn’t write down the tracking number. the tracking number on the paper that’s taped to the package.

the problem is i’m used to pretty much every single entity being able to..i dunno, remember shit. i didn’t copy the 16 digit  tracking number down on a piece of paper or save it in a text file because you’re a major shipping company. i should call up and tell them my pet’s name and they say “oh sorry mr scoutmassatoad, your package was picked up and it’s on it’s way”.

that basically happened when i got transferred to a supervisor without even asking. this guy has some magic computer to say “yah we picked it up but you can’t the tracking number you taped to the box for a while, not in the system yet”.

the 2nd guy had all the same info as the 1st guy, i’m so confused. i can’t even go into why one guy can do stuff one guy can’t…

emailed the girl and said ups said they picked it up and it should be there in a day or two, would give her the tracking number tomorrow.

i hate online selling.

don’t even get me started about my laptop

i want a shot of jager after this update.

i know why the terrorists hate us.

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