10,000 days in the cube is long enough

my last day with the military industrial complex is the 18th. i packed up my cube today, took 2 trash bags of stuff to be thrown away and a printer box of stuff to take home.

it’s crazy to think that at one point i had more stuff in that cubicle then i did in my apartment.

now i’m all stocked up again, ready to freelance.

i’ve never been so excited and motivated to getting back to that life. i’m forgetting all the bad times and only remembering the good but that’s pretty much par for course in my life.

it’s been really funny, all my bosses and co-workers are like “damn so you’re moving back to memphis because your contract is up, right?”

it was funny at first but now it’s insulting. it’s not their fault, they don’t know i don’t need to work up at that office to stay in new orleans. some of them actually evacuated to memphis for katrina, but they didn’t go to memphis. they went to millington where the base was. they have no idea.

i do not, however have any idea where i’m going to live in 2 months. for those of you who don’t know, i live in a very very desolated part of new orleans, very far from the rest of the city and civilization. finding a apartment in the city is going to be tough, considering my high requirements. those high requirements equal rent that’s well over $900 in most cases. once you get towards $900-1000 a month you gotta wonder why you are renting and not owning…i’ve been preapproved by a credit union for enough to buy a sizable residence but i just can’t get excited about buying something down here.

recently i bought a laptop off buy.com, got it and realized it didn’t have a fucking wireless card. i checked the page and it doesn’t say anything about a wireless card so i guess i didn’t get lied to. it’s just something you expect, like a steak dinner without a blowjob after.

receiving a blowjob.

anyway, it kinda made me realize how dangerous buying something as big and expensive as a house is. there is so much shit that you assume is going to be there but probably isn’t. best part is some of those assumptions, especially on homes in new orleans, can really fuck you up. also buying a house while you’re technically unemployed is pretty scary as well.

so i guess i’m doomed to either moving farther from civilization like chalmette (lol) for more affordable rent prices or gamble and try to find another new apartment….

i’m just so tired of moving…it’s been once every 6-8 months for as long as i can remember. i could have bought up most of the 9th ward with the money i’ve spent on movers, deposits and time spent unpacking and packing.

oh well…mary and eric told me over christmas when poured out my apprehension on “what to do” now that im going to be freelancing again. they were both astonished that none of my options were “slit my wrists”, which means i’ve matured a lot since i’ve left memfist.

no matter what happens, everything will be good. and life not inside a cubicle is always good. i’ve had fun living like a rockstar the last year and a half but it’s time to get back to hustling websites out of the apartment.

you are going to see some really interesting updates in the next month. i don’t have many friends here and what friends i do have live pretty far away.

my girlfriend is probably having 2nd thoughts about being with me for a million reasons. i love how after 2 months a relationship finally becomes real. by then you get the real me with all the great and bad parts. she promises to come see me after i get laid off and says she’d love me even if i was digging ditches, guess we’ll see…
i know im going to start going 4-5 days without seeing another human being. in memphis after i was done working for the day i’d walk up to the young avenue deli, play pool, drink pabst and then jager. there are no bars within walking distance and 2 within biking distance.

i need to move soon.
2008 is going to be one for the books. just hope it’s not the last chapter 🙂

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