it started with the popeyes…

i was at a bar this afternoon after a really long day, like starting at 7am and not stopping.

i had a few drinks, the bartender recognized me from 2 years ago, asked if i as a web designer, oh yeah i remember you. nice. i’m sure i was witty and charming and not drunk and angry. i paid my tab and started to walk home, before i did i grabbed a to go cup and looked around. i poured half a pitcher into a to go cup and walk out. i have no idea who they were but they weren’t looking so it became mine.

with the chicken it was a determined set of 1, 2, 3 actions. this was “oh well, they left their tennis ball on the ground, i’ll pick it up”. just strolled out with a cup of someone else’s beer.

i felt bad.

not really.

i gotta be more careful tho.

anyway, the rest of today has been so many buses and pain and death. i really hope everything doesn’t cave in.

we can always start stealing.


i forgot what this life was about, starting to remember. this is cool tho. at one point today i almost started crying and it hit me, this is a lot better then doing this bullshit in memphis. all around me was new orleans and what i love about all of this. it just sucks freelancing without a car, the bus sucks.

thats what i get.

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