no more dark meat

i’ve ate a pretty steady diet of fried chicken…i lived with steve while he worked at gus’s fried chicken, i lived 4 blocks from a popeyes in new orleans and i love eating gas station chicken from random places, especially in new orleans.

usually it’s a pretty standard thing, the hot sauce, the biscuit, the side, the 40 of beer. there isn’t usually too much to it. but today i decided, no more dark meat.

i really like drumsticks, i really do. drumsticks or “drummies” are actually the perfect fried chicken format. i’m talking about both the small wings and the big ones, they’re both just easy to manage and easy to eat 50 pounds, then drink a bunch of jager and throw them up in the canal place theater during the new star trek.

the thing is tho, if you go to popeyes and get some dark meat, you’re just rolling the dice. i got some just busted ass shit today and im done with it. with white meat you just get more meat. you have to work with it just as much as dark meat but the benefit is just more protein that your poor body needs. because you don’t want to just fill up on sides.

i dunno, i still might eat dark meat sometimes. but it’s gonna be like a case by case situation. if there is a big box of fried chicken at a party or something, im probably gonna grab a piece of dark meat just because it’ll be a novelty after i post this update.

doing this is actually really good karma wise too. by taking 2-3 of those small dark meat pieces, i’m basically telling the rest of the party, you guys take the good stuff, i’m cool.

the hard part is i’m a creature of routine. i order the same things everywhere i go because i don’t like to fuck a good thing up.

i feel really good about this in general. i’m growing and evolving as a person and i’m told that’s really good.