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What has happened

Lets see...had to open up the site in another tab and read where i was last time i posted here. Okay I mentioned Kendra in the last update and that was a while ago and that's still going well.  She has introduced me to so many things that I now consider great. Plants, sushi, pho. Just some of the things. She moved in with me this summer. I went on my yearly pilgrimage to chicago for lola to see Wes. A few w ...

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fast approaching hell

Actually i think i'm there now. There isn't a single area of this existence that is even remotely considered..well. Work is a disaster,  personal life is a wreck. It's just sad that i'm running out of time here and yet I have no idea what direction to turn. The best revenge is living well and i'm not getting revenge on anyone anymore. Instead I'm just living in this prison of failure and bad mistakes. Surro ...

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Why sleep in discontent? Oh the price of companionship

I never write on this site anymore...wish to change that but i realize i just...don't. The last update was about Kendra which i can honestly say is going very well.  I always find it very special to date someone above 90 days which i think we're getting close to at this point. Usually by then things have fallen apart. It's never my fault, never theirs...things just...fall apart. Just the way life goes for m ...

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life moves forward

Must...continue..updating. We started talking on october 28th...almost 2 months I had to login to okcupid to see that. Two months is a long time for me. Kendra is a interesting situation. I'll try to sum her up in a short paragraph, the way she has maybe summed me up in post it note...she doesn't want to live here for long...moving back to the south east is her plan and was upfront with that befo ...

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the time i almost shot 2 people

I'm not sure how to write this post so i'm just going to get started and let it kinda fill itself in.  My upstairs neighbor and her friend decided to surprise me when i came home from a night drinking by hiding in my bed. Only problem is i'm actually in that bed massaging my...she's not a girlfriend but we're on our 6th date(she's on her way now)... so we're i guess better friends then..not. We went out to ...

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wear banana suit fuck bitches

I'm trying to see if i can get to page 1 in google with the title tag of fuck bitches get money but i'm not even on page 8. I must update more. anyway. About fucking bitches and getting money. Lemme tell you something about the banana costume. I'm not sure where the idea even came from but i decided to be a banana for halloween. It arrives from amazon in less then 48 hours and i wear it to my friend josh's ...

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not good at relationships

newp. I give up, just going to have fun and enjoy single/dating life. I figure i have a good 10-15 years left of whoring around before I can't get any women that i'm attracted to anymore. Also i should get a motorcycle. Or a boat. Or both. So i can ride my motorcycle to my boat and cruise around on my boat, then get off the boat and get back on the motorcycle and ride home. It's all about having goals in li ...

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Betty from ******.com

So one night, i don't really recall which night it was...I'm sure i was drinking, after a really quality meal, I'm on my laptop in the living room looking at reddit's /r/food. Always good stuff there, there is a subreddit i can't remember it's name, basically for cheap good eating. Throughout the posts i'm clicking on links and exploring the rest of the internet for new things to cook. For those of you who ...

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