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tori amos night of hunters

Starting in on the 3rd listen of your new album. First off, let me start this post off with a thank you. Tori, you and i have been close. I mean, there are hundreds of people who instantly think of me when they hear your name. A lot of people don't get you and I's relationship. I'm not gonna lie, i get some hate. You are not my friend's favorite artist. Whatever. It was cornflake girl that got me into you. ...

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WordPress app for tablet

Some posts are going to have some weird typos because im using the galaxy and swype behard....6 pm on a friday....the weekend begins....what treasure trove of drinking awaits my poor body.... The reluctant trip to rite aside to buy some big awesome bottle of something...more to come...on first beer. ...

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backup plan of living in van part 1

If shit really just completely falls apart...i can live in my fucking van. Yeah that sucks but think about all the web designers who don't have vans. I'm technically just middle class, compared to the web developers that have places to live. Not doing great, not doing bad. I'll roam from town to town, setting up for a week or two at a time. I'll tip the manager and the employees for letting me use their mot ...

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Hey Dave

So tomorrow is the anniversary...the 10th, of Dave's death. It's been 10 fucking years. The first 3-5 years i just had nothing but self loathing. I blamed myself, it's my fault. If i hadn't existed he'd be out there living it up, nice job, house, wife, kids, nice car, everything you get when you are a smart, talented computer guy. Instead it's a grave stone, his mother and father probably divorced since mos ...

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awesome life is awesome

hehe Barry called me yesterday and said he's coming in town, will be in that night, wanted to meet up for drinks. My afternoons usually consist of drinking so i was already pretty loaded by 7pm when he calls and says they are eating at felix's, one of my customer's i was actually at 8 hours later picking up money. so i'm pretty drunk already and i walk to the bus stop because i figured in a awesome tactical ...

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Internet Dating & OkCupid White Paper

As a professional blogger such as myself, imma use the first paragraph to explain my advanced knowledge in the field through examples of real life experience. I've been internet dating since...i was 16 and i was able to drive to visit girls online. For me it was just easier for a billion different reasons. Anyway, the all guy highschool spawned my first drive to meet a girl off the internet, then i was buyi ...

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That's right..."Patrick M" at my host helped me figure out why was going wrong with the site. Now i'm upgraded and i'm going to start writing fucking stupid tons of paragraphs on this site that no one reads because i stopped updating it...fuck you, everyone sit down, i'm only on slide 2 of this presentation. Patrick i wanna give you props for helping me fix this because obviously no one would even help me t ...

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i've got something going on in my personal life which pretty much defies anything i've ever done. playing for keeps as usual. only time will tell on these sorts of things and i'm really wondering what even what i need in a woman. i mean really, when you reach this age you start to realize it's not them, it's you. oh well, spin the wheel. ...

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ash wednesday

well, i kinda stopped drinking today. except for the vodka. and the beer when i woke up. my depression levels have reached a new low. i keep thinking about what 2009 has been and am just wondering if this is just going to be it. moving in with kelly was obviously a dumb fucking move. i mean seriously. when you're not longer attracted to someone it's pretty sure it's time to, you know, stop dating them. im s ...

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