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mardi gras 2010

this was my second year to roll with my krewe. last year i really didn't know what i was getting myself into, still had a great time. this year i knew what was coming. the story really probably starts saturday morning. bill picks me up at 7am. i've been up since 5:30 for some reason, finishing the beer from the night before and getting really high. i jump in the truck and he's got his friend and a some kids ...

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how the mighty have fallen

i used to love this site more then life itself and now it almost seems like a chore to update honestly has been a long time since ive really updated this with anything of substance worth reading. as mardi gras ascends on the city again, just as every holiday, i look back on everything that has happened over the last year. all of the miserable failed relationships, lost friends and just plain misera ...

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the internet has fucked me up

my good friend boar sends me links to easynews porn pretty frequently. just what people do who work from home, we look at porn. and listen to pandora. anyway, he sends me a link to a movie by the, called money talks. basically coming up to people with a video camera, a hot chick and a microphone and bribing people to do fucked up things. including like just straight up normal selling yourse ...

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carlo rossi

so you can probably tell i have too much time on my hands and have been using the internet to relieve that. i'm friends with lots of corporations on facebook like popeyes, carlo rossi, new orleans saints, etc. all of these places have a facebook admin that nukes comments like mine. it started with wine searcher posting something about food pairing with wine. i asked which wine they recommend for popeyes fri ...

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happy thanksgiving!!!!

welp another thanksgiving rolls around. stayed in new orleans for a few reasons which sucks because michelle is in memphis. we've talked a few times how weird it is that she's never met my parents since i seem to introduce most every female in my life to my parents(to prove im not gay). i'm not sure if it was her idea or mine but she wanted to stop by my parents house and meet them. i mean if she's moving i ...

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autographed pics

as many of you know...i printed out i think 10 pictures of myself, signed them, framed then and have been handing them out to people. most of my good friends have one and if you are a good friend and haven't gotten one then you'll probably get one soon(gotta reorder soon) anyway, i gave nick and allie one and it's proudly hanging up in the apartment.  one afternoon they introduced me to a good friend and n ...

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welp heh

i was thinking earlier as i opened my box of hawaiian shirts that finally got here today. things really worked out for a change. usually my life consists of failure. lots of it. in work, in relationships, pretty much everything. i wish i could go back in time and tell myself "it's going to work out". i remember sitting in the apartment, drinking makers mark next to the loaded gun. thinking about how im goin ...

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shirts are delayed!@#!@#

I bought some hawaiian shirts off of ebay just because i'm getting kinda low...dunno what happened to a few of them and needed to stock up. I won 6 new ones for $34.00, awesome deal IMO.  I pay for them and then i get this message. ----- Hi ******, This is ******* of *******.   I know that some of you paid a few days ago for your items that you won from me but I was rushed to the ER and admitted to the ...

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karaoke is serious business

so one night when me and tarrance were walking around uptown and we decided to stop in at the ole buddha belly for some karaoke. details on the night are completely lost to history.  i remember singing Imagine by the Beatles by i did it A Perfect Circle style. some point in the song i took a pen out of one of my pockets and began cutting my chest with it. apparently very deep, enough to draw blood. the peo ...

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