Memorial Day 2003

This was a really intresting memorial day party. I even remember saying at one point, “we really have a intresting group of people under one roof”. Wes's fridge was full of beer by the time Alex and i got there, so i had to put my 2 corona's on his kitchen counter. Those soon disappeared and by the end of the night, all that was left was a room temperature can of Miller Light.

It's in my fridge now tho 🙂

Nothing really crazy happened….no dog attacks, no police called….i watched freaky steve flirt with a girl named Isabella from Equador(sp). I saw him sit down next to her and instantly decided to leave. When i got the patio i told brad it was like a life boat had flipped over and a bunch of sharks were circling.

Fast forward to 5:30am, Andy George, Wes and i think Brad was still there, are all drunk as shit watching The Outer Limits and i'm curled up on Wes's couch eating beef jerky.


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